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Plein Air Painting – Lewis County 16 April 2021

Today, i had the intention to go to Lewis county to paint the Cabin Creek Covered bridge.
I’ve painted the bridge before, it’s a picture perfect scene, but I was in the mood for something a little bit different.

Around the corner from the bridge, was an interesting curve in the road. I decided to paint it instead

My thumbnail sketch
blocking out basic shapes with a muddy mess of colors leftover from yesterday’s painting
working out the dark and light values- still using the muddy paint
starting to add color. I’m trying something different…usually I am a color lover, but I wonder what would happen if i keep my colors toned down?
blocking in the colors – trying to keep it toned down, but the red bush wants to shine bright pink–im going to let it!

building up colors and details
i think its finished!!!

the original is available for sale. I will update with a better studio photo once it is dry (in about a week)

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