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plein air crocus flowers – 3-9-21

kentucky artist ken swinson smiling by car trunk filled with art supplies
car loaded with art supplies…let’s go paint!
photo of purple and yellow crocus flowers
these crocus flowers are such a welcome burst of life and color after a long winter. I’m going to use them as a model for a painting!

sketch of crocus flowers
I used my sketchbook to work out the composition, now it’s time to setup and paint!
a blank plein air canvas in front of a bed of crocus flowers
I was not a good scout, and showed up unprepared. I forgot to pack my tripod mount, so my paint box will just rest on the floor. Good thing I picked a subject so low to the ground! Time to get to work!
plein air artist working in downtown maysville ky near the bridge over the ohio river
artist, Betsy Adams is here from Ripley, Ohio painting in pastel
concord ky artist, sue ellen gorman painting in downtown maysville
Concord, Kentucky artist, Sue Ellen Gorman joined us-painting in acrylics
plein air underpainting of spring crocus flowers
underpainting for the crocus flower painting
work in progress plein air oil painting by kentucky artist ken swinson
starting to add color to the painting!
plein air oil painting of purple crocus flowers by kentucky artist ken swinson
the finished painting! Spring Crocus flowers 8×10″ oil on hardboard – SOLD!

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