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Green Porcelain cups work in progress March 2020

Good morning! Today I was looking at my ‘work in progress’ pottery shelf, and felt really proud of myself. The top shelf are cups ready to start decorating. The bottom shelf, upside down cups, ready to be trimmed. The thin walls, and fairly well defined form of the bottom shelf is an example of how much more control I have achieved when throwing on the wheel. A year ago, I couldn’t do that. Definitely not in porcelain.

When the pandemic started almost a year ago, I decided learning to throw porcelain would be my COVID project. Porcelain takes some extra care to throw on the wheel, and I have always been intimidated by it. I’ve also had to learn a little bit about glaze chemistry and the scientific method, to make sure my glaze played nice with the clay. I can’t emphasize enough how much the ARTS helped me get through this time.
Being so close to my one year quarantine – a -versary. I’ve been going through a lot of feelings. Some of it anger and sadness for everything we have had to give up. The progress I have made as a potter is a small victory, but one of the good things that came from this challenging year. Thank you everyone for your encouragement, support and cheering me on over these months. The social interaction – even if virtual – has been a saving grace for me.
Ok, time to trim the bottom shelf!!!

Green Cup Update:I have 2 layers of green on my cups (2 more layers to go) then I will carve the decorations. My friend, Lauri Aultman gave me an idea of raising money for the flood victims in Eastern Kentucky, so I am going to donate %50 of the sales of these cups to help. I normally sell them for $40 each. when i sell all 5, it will total $200 = a $100 donation to the flood relief. Since these pots will take at least a week or two before they are finished, I’m going to go ahead and give the $100 NOW, because people need help NOW. I need to do some research on where to send it, because i know some charities use donations better than others, but I will send today or tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: I have buyers who have committed to the 5 cups. If you feel inspired to give, you don’t have to buy a cup from me, do some research and give directly to your favorite charity. there is no shortage of people in need right now, and every little bit helps!FINAL UPDATE: UPDATE: I decided to give the donation to Cindy Faye who is doing boots on the ground flood relief work in Oneida, KY. You can visit her profile to get some idea of the work she is doing. If you feel inspired to help, reach out to her. Remember Mr. Roger’s advice “look for the helpers. You will always find people helping”

Green porcelain cup update:I have come up with 2 designs for the green cups. A frog and leaves. Both represent the arrival of spring, and look good in green on white porcelain. To the four folks who offered to buy a cup to help with ky flood relief, which design do you want for your cup(s)? Narda Arnett MillerJane E BresserStephanie McCoy GastauerLaurie Watt ? The colors will be a lot brighter once it is fired in the kiln. See the test tile on the left.

Spring is almost here! I spent the morning walking around the lake, then carving mugs with green leaves. I love how the light in this photo highlights the carve marks in porcelain. The green will be brighter after going through the kiln

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