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Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year! When I work in clay, i sign the bottom of each pot with my name, location and year created. For my FINAL pot of 2020, I made a plate to celebrate the little village where i live, OLD WASHINGTON. If I HAD to be stuck in one place for the year 2020, I’m grateful it was here!

porcelain plate with sgraffito design of Old Washington, Kentucky. Log Cabin, Federal Brick buildind and white church house.

When I was young, i was led to believe that an artist has to live in a big metro area to ‘make it’.

Now that i’m older and have more experience in the world, I know that a small town is a great place to an artist! I’m so grateful to have been welcomed and a part of this small rural town.

This pot is a work in progress. It still needs to go through the kiln.

Happy New Year!

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