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Herding the Horses – new Linocut

While on a painting trip out in the country, i watched a sheep dog, herding a group of horses into the barn. The farmer, cussed at the dog, and told it to quit, but I think the little pup, couldn’t resist it’s instinct. When the horses ventured outside of the barn, it would herd them back inside.

unfinsihed woodcut depicting a sheep dog herding a group of horses

I knew that I wanted to make a print about the spectacle. When I returned to my studio, i started carving the image into a block of wood. I quickly realized that the wood wasn’t the right material for the image I had in mind…i have learned with art, that it’s ok to fail and start over…that’s how we learn and get better.

photo of linocut work in progress depicting a sheep dog in a kentucky scene herding horses

I started over, this time cutting into linoleum

linocut work in progress almost finished

I was a lot happier with my second carving of the scene. Linoleum was a better material to carve the thin blades of grass and fur of the dog and horses

animated gif of a linocut being printed with a traditional press
At the Log Cabin Print Shop, revealing the first print
Herding the Horses – 6×8″ linocut on 8×10″ paper

2 thoughts on “Herding the Horses – new Linocut

  1. i love the dog’s tongue!

    1. Thanks! My dog is always running around with it’s tongue like that..

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