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linocut notecard depicting bird carrying mail with message that says 'you've got mail' on traditional printmaking press

I’m not very smart. I shared my last post with only 10 notecards in my “inventory” . Your response has been overwhelming! I’m thrilled that so many of you love our USPS and want to send hand printed cards to your friends and family! I have heard that buying stamps is one of the best ways we can support the USPS (and your local artist!) I am in the cabin making cards right now. They will take a few days to cure, but I will ship them “hot off the press” by the end of this week. Thanks again everyone! You truly keep me going and give me purpose.

linocut block print on fabric depicting a bird carrying a letter with the words: you've got mail

Houston, we have a problem. I discovered a box full of fabric scraps, and got distracted printing on fabric. Any sewers/quilters with ideas of what I can do with these?!? This ink is machine washable!

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