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painting in the countryside

sketch of a barn and house in rural mason county kentucky
Yesterday was city painting, so today is countryside. I like the way the road winds up the hill and the contrast between the black barn and white house
plein air underpainting by ken swinson of a barn and house in mason county kentucky
This painting and i have different ideas about whether it will be a landscape or vertical. It keeps telling me it wants to be landscape. I say, no, you are vertical. I think im going to win. Heres the composition worked out. Now time for color!
painting of a plein air painting outdoors on an easel
im using some new colors… Having fun with the greens… Trying not to get too wild with the violet. Detail time
plein air painting of barn and house near the AA highway near maysville, Kentucky
I love the smell of oil paint and cows while im painting outside in the springtime!
sketch of churches in minerva kentucky with photo of actual buildings in the background
next stop, minerva, ky. If you love old country churches they have a lot in this little town. The church in the background is from yhe 1830s, the church in the foreground is important because it was an early african american church. Sorry i dont know all the history about it, but hopefully, someone will chime in.
plein air underpainting of 2 churches in minerva kentucky by artist ken swinson
i wasnt happy with my original composition, so i moved to a different spot, and came up with this vertical composition and value study. Its color time!!!
plein air painting of two churches in minerva Kentucky by artist ken swinson
i love this time of the day. The light is so beautiful, this painting is shining!
plein air painting of churches in minerva kentucky by artist ken swinson
Thats a wrap! Im having such a good paint day, id love to try the dover covered bridge, but the light is changing fast, and im hungry… Forgot to pack snacks! 

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