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Weeds are flowers too…

…once you get to know them.

These weeds were the inspiration for todays pottery design. I think the plant is called chickory. It is blooming EVERYWHERE along the highways (and in my garden) here in Kentucky. I don’t know if it’s a native plant, but it has a big presence this time of the year. I like the idea of handmade pots reflecting the time in which they were made…

This still needs to be fired, once it is, it’ll be porcelain, and the blue will be a deep cobalt color.

Stay tuned to see how it works out!

13 thoughts on “Weeds are flowers too…

  1. It is wonderful. The chickory blossom is one of my favorites!

    1. Thank you! I often see it on the side of the road with queen annes lace flowering at the same time. I love that particular color combination/pattern

      1. That’s one of my favorite combinations too. I reminds me of my aunt- my family lived in a remote area near Westport and my aunt lived in Louisville. On one of her visits, she dug chicory and queen anne’s lace to transplant on edge of her yard in the city. Her new husband thought she was crazy for wanting “weeds” in the city but it flourished there and looked wonderful for years.

        1. I don’t think she’s crazy at all! I’ll bet it was beautiful!!

  2. chickory is a WILDFLOWER!… not a weed. also one of my favorites. when they start setting seeds, they bring all the yellow finch in. the light purple and the yellow. a beautiful complimentary collision of color.

    can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

    1. haha! it’s one of my favorite wildflowers too! I will be on the lookout for yellow finches. That color combination would be beautiful! Lately it’s been a lot of cardinals, wrens, and of course, blue jays, starlings and crows.

      The finished piece will have a classic blue and white porcelain look, but im tempted to look into a blue glaze lighter and closer to the purple hue. Thanks! Ken

  3. I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    My father in law is a horticulturalist and told me A weed is a plant you don’t want around. If you want it, it’s not a weed.

  4. Thank you for visiting/commenting. Day 13 of the facebook is getting a little lonely. a lot of my favorite flowers are called weeds. I love thistle…and mullein. I’ve been looking for some to put in my yard, i love it so much! Stay tuned to see how the chickory turnos out!

  5. Lovely! Chicory is one of my favorites and I see that there are a few other fans here, as well. I really like your idea of creating pottery that reflects the time in which it was made. I’m accustomed to thinking that way in terms of paintings but never thought of pottery in that vein. Chicory isn’t a native to North America but was introduced here and found a happy home and the roasted roots are a good coffee substitute- one of those things I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t (so far) ever gotten around to. I look forward to seeing your fired, finished, product!

    1. I’ve been thinking of making something about this time in history with the pandemic. I have a plate in the works that says; we will get through this together.

      Wouldn’t if be to cool to make chicory coffee, and drink it from a chicory pattern cup?!!! I’m going to have to do it now!!

      1. Do it! That would be the coolest thing ever!

  6. like dolly parton says ‘wildflowers don’t care where they grow’

    1. She is a poet and a prophet 🙂

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