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We will get through this together-linocut

My latest linocut!

This will be a greeting card to share with friends and family who might feel alone right now.

i assume all kentuckians know where this phrase comes from. for those who don’t, every day, our governor addresses the state for an update re: covid 19. He always starts saying this, then encourages us to say it together. his demeanor and team spirit has calmed me down on more than a few moments during this anxious time.

I know that a lot of people are experiencing economic insecurity right now, and would enjoy this image, but can’t buy a card right now. I would NEVER encourage digital printing of a hand printed work of art, but these are serious times. If you would like to download a high resolution copy of this art to print and share (for personal use only) follow this link.

Below is the step by step process:
A rough sketch for today’s linocut. This will be a greeting card to share with friends and family who might feel alone right now.

 I used my iPad to do some fine tuning on my design. Now I’m ready to transfer it to a block for carving.

design transferred, and ready to carve!

Carving. I included my finger in the photo to give you a sense of details and scale. I’ve been carving a lot of wood lately, compared to it, the limo cuts lite butter!

a little bit over 1/3 done
YOU ALL KNOW NOT TO TRY CALLING ME BETWEEN 5 AND 6 PM. carving during the governors update
Carving Done! Time To Print!
The first printing!

2 thoughts on “We will get through this together-linocut

  1. Have fallen in love with this design. Will you be selling prints? I’m a school counselor, and I would love to buy one to hang in my office… and if you do notecards or postcards, I’d buy a bunch.

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      I am selling prints of notecards for $6 each. Here is a link to where you can order.
      Sorry it was hard to find earlier. I’m doing a big maintenance project for my website, and the catalog wasn’t displaying correct. Thanks for your interest, please let me know if you run into any problems, ar have any more questions. Thanks again, Ken

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