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Wandering Mississippi with the social media blues


My big goal for 2013 is to be on the road 6 months out of the year. I am a week into my second trip south for the year, and so far, I have seen some beautiful things, met fascinating people, had incredible experiences, and made artwork I am proud of. I decided not to share every detail of this trip on my blog. Here is why…

Sometimes when I am at a scenic or historic location, I notice that people park the car, get out to take a photo, and then leave. They don’t always bother to get out of the car for their photo op. I think I understand what is happening. In this ‘always connected’ time, I want to document and share my experiences with my friends…sometimes the urge to share is so strong, I forget to stop and enjoy the moment for myself.

In early February, I took a two week road trip to the south. I tried to write a blog post every day of the trip. Working on the road was a challenge. Being ‘live’ and ‘in public’ made me feel like my friends were with me for the ride, and it was an awesome experience. There was one challenging time where my friends helped get me out of a funk. We had an interesting conversation about creativity and inspiration, and it turns out a lot of us share similar challenges.

I love social media, and it is ingrained in my daily life, but i want to try something new. This trip, I want to stay ‘in the moment’. I don’t want to make art while wondering how many ‘likes’ it will get. I made it to satisfy myself. I have seen some amazing sunsets and views, and I decided to keep my camera phone in my pocket. Instead of diluting the moment through the lens of a camera, I just enjoyed the show.

Tomorrow, I am going to send an email with a sneak peek of some of the art from my trip. If you want to make sure you are on my list, you can sign up here:

7 thoughts on “Wandering Mississippi with the social media blues

  1. Does anybody else like the blues ?

    1. i like the blues, but it is sad when you realize the horrible conditions that people were living in that made them sing the blues. there is still a lot of poverty in the delta region.

      it has been inspirational to see how people would create music and art even in the most extreme poverty.

  2. Dirt Road ! Sounds like an off road art adventure. Looking forward to the forthcoming special e mail. Sure am glad i registered for it already.

    1. it’s been an eye opening trip. i have learned a lot about the south. i can’t wait to tell you all about the trip so far!

  3. We all need to learn to live in the present, enjoy and absorb the now. Can’t wait to see what you have experienced. Hope the flat time was the only bad thing that has occurred. Enjoy your travels and express it through your art. Loving this and wish I could be doing it.

    1. I think being in the moment is the big lesson for this trip. I’m actually glad about the flat tire. I have never changed a flat for this vehicle, and now I know how to do it! My long term goal for this idea is to have a group of artists travel/create together. If you can’t come now, maybe later?!

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