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uh oh

I just suffered a major consequence of trying to do too much at once.

I missed the Belleview Art Show. Don’t tell the show organizers, but I thought the show was on Sunday. Something just wasn’t working right in my brain. Hyde Park’s artshow is on Sunday, and I guess I was confused.

I made the mistake because lately, I have been trying to do too much. School full time, A job, commission work, getting ready for the show…you get the idea.

To make myself feel better, when I picked my van up on saturday (I thought the show was on sunday) It ran for about 15 miles, and then it broke down! So my official excuse for missing the show was car trouble…it’s semi-true, and much less humiliating than the truth.

My apologies to everyone who came to see me at the show. This has been a real wake up call, and opportunity to get my priorities in check.


5 thoughts on “uh oh

  1. hi Ken,
    My brother Mike went to the Bellevue show yesterday to take a look at your work…well he’ll have another chance at Devou Park right?
    Tony Skaggs

  2. uh oh…
    tell your brother I’ll buy him a drink. I’ve been kicking myself all day.

    Fresh Art is a fundraiser for the behringer-crawford museum. Artists start and finish one painting, and it is auctioned off at a charity dinner that night.

    here’s the link to the event:

    Jason D. Geil, from the Enquirer took a great photo of me at last year’s Fresh Art. here’s a link to the photo:

    Hyde Park’s art show is my next public show. It’s Sunday, October 7 from 10am-5pm. (I double checked)

    here’s their website:

    hope to see you there!

  3. Oh no! What a bummer! That really stinks. At least you won’t have to prepare as much for your next show. . .(trying to find a silver lining here for you).

  4. uh-oh, you are busted! Cyndi, here, from Fusion Gallery and co-chair for Bellevue Art/Park!! I was on your site doing some research for your/our May show, writing up PR releases and such and found this entry!!
    You should have just received the application for the 2008 show; hopefully you can make that, and I will personally take responsibility to make sure you have the correct day! 🙂

  5. How embarrassing! I’m sorry I had to tell you guys a little white lie…like I said in the post, the van wouldn’t have made it anyway, but that day is still a low point of my career. I am going to try and make it for this year’s show…I’m much better at keeping up with my calendar now!

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