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Two Shows In 1 Day – What Was I Thinking?

Today, was Fresh Art. One of my favorite charities. Artists paint a painting in Covington’s Devou park, it is then auctioned to benefit the Behringer-Crawford museum. Home to the largest collection of Harlan Hubbard (one of my FAVORITE ky painters) paintings.


Today was also Belleview’s Art In The Park. A friend, Mike Cowden, offered to help me be in two places at once, so bright and early in the morning, I went to Devou Park to start my painting.


Then I drove to Bellevue, where I unloaded my work, and helped set up the tent, leaving Mike to setup the display and hang the art. Then I returned to the park to finish my painting.


I framed the painting, took it to the museum, then returned to Bellevue for Art In The Park. I had never participated in the show before, but was impressed with the hard work of the volunteers. Very few shows help you setup, hand out ice water (and it was a HOT) and make the artists feel welcome. I had great neighbors, Dana Sorrell, Pam Wiseman, and Toby Fried.


The show had a great crowd! It was nice to see some old friends, and make new ones. I won 2nd place for painting, and Toby Fried won 1st place in crafts. Congratulations, Toby!  If you missed me at the show.  Mark you calendar for November 7th.  I will be back in Bellevue at the FUSION gallery for a show (more details soon)

After a very long and hot day, even though I was completely worn out, I am glad that I did it. Both events were loads of fun. The Fresh Art painting was auctioned, but if you like the image, I’ll offer prints soon in my online gallery.