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Tuning Up The ArtMobile

I”m getting the artMobile ready for it’s next trip.
Photo 2013-02-19 11.52.20 AM
My super awesome mechanic, Joe Manley has checked her out, and says we’re ready to roll!

Photo 2013-02-19 11.52.05 AM
My friend, Gail sent the perfect bumper stickers for it.

Photo 2013-02-19 11.56.28 AM
one for the van…one for my laptop.

My plan is to follow the Ohio river, down to Mississippi and the Louisiana bayous.  If anyone wants to come along, I’m leaving Saturday afternoon and plan to be exploring for 3 weeks.  My goal is to create an Art Circus, if you can’t come this time, i’ll be doing this all year, so be sure to keep watching my blog…and make sure you are on my mailing list.  you can sign up here:


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