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The Yellow Dog Society

The Yellow Dog Society are a group of folks who meet at Broken Bone Farms for camping, swimming, eating, drinking and other rowdiness.  They meet  in the woods by a beautiful pond with a cabin.  I was asked by Mary Beth Autry, the leader of the group, to create a painting for the cabin, and when it was finished, I was invited Broken Bone Farms to meet the "Yellow Dogs" and unveil the painting.


Mary Beth’s husband, Steve, cooked a delicious chili verde, a green chili made with roasted peppers.  He’s also a talented photographer, and responsible for this blog post’s photos.  I wish I had asked for a copy of the beautiful photo he took while we were down by the cabin and two deer jumped in front of us.  They were in the snow by a creek.


Thanks Yellow Dogs for supporting my work and having me over for such a nice time.  It was a real pleasure!