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The Falls of the Ohio

A large deposit of fossils caused a series of waterfalls on the Ohio River.


In frontier times, boats would have to get out of the river and move around the falls…I guess when some people took their boat out of the river, they decided to make Louisville their home.

Dams along the river have changed the river and falls, but I wanted to capture the idea of the place.

Here are some progress shots from my day’s work:

I did a very loose thumbnail sketch with my ipad before starting on the paper

The basic idea in charcoal.  Notice I decided not to include the bridge.  I thought it distracts from my idea.

Brown and white acrylic washes to bring out the values

Some color with pastel.  I was inspired by the way the sky has pink towards the horizon, then blue as you look up.

more acrylic.  I am trying to get the feeling of ‘falls’ in the foregroundIMG_7802
details and shapes with colored pencil.

This painting has been a little more of a challenge than the other works I have done while on the road.  Maybe I am starting to get a little fatigue from being on the road and painting every day, but getting to this point was not easy…and it has a LONG way to go before it is finished…but you can get the idea of where it is going.  When I pull it all together, it will be a great view of Louisville!

Thanks Steve Aubin for the portrait of me at work!