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The factory work part of being an artist

For those who want to know how exciting and carefree the artist’s life can be: here’s what I did for the last 2 days:


Cutting matts and boards

cutting wood frames 005.MTS.Still001

taking measurements and using math

cutting wood frames 005.MTS.Still002

The weather has been really nice in Kentucky so I took some of my work outside.

cutting wood frames 002.MTS.Still001

sawing boards to make my picture frames

cutting wood frames 004.MTS.Still001

after that, I put the wood through this planer 4 times (once for each side)

cutting wood frames 001.MTS.Still001

It will take another full day of sawing, nailing and painting to get a finished picture frame. 

BikeRideToMaysLick 010.MTS.Still002

Don’t worry, I didn’t spend the whole 2 days doing factory work.

I took my union break for a bike ride.