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The Eco Village in Berea


Yesterday, I was taking care of some business in Berea, KY. The town is centered around a progressive college where students receive a free education in exchange for making and selling crafts like pottery, woodwork, weaving and jewelry. Many graduates stay in Berea, and open shops, creating a vibrant community of artisans.


The college created a small community called the eco village. It is a series of buildings where students develop environmental and self sustaining techniques for living.


They have a system called aquaponics, where plants are grown in water with fish. The plants and fish give nutrients to each other, and produce good food to eat!


One building in the village is completely self sustaining. It produces it’s own energy, food, and water.


Another building is made from mud, straw and recycled materials. As an artist, I was inspired by the straw house. The building materials remind me of a clay sculpture.


Wouldn’t it be fun to sculpt your own house?


This is a window where you can see the interior of the wall…yes, it’s STRAW!!


Here is an interesting take on a log structure.

Every time I visit Berea, I leave inspired. The Eco village makes me want to try and bump my garden up a notch, maybe I will try and do something innovative with my spring peas.

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