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The Age Of Asparagus Comes To An End

I am trying to eat locally grown food while it is in season.  It’s food at it’s best, and it supports our local farmers.

In my neck of the woods, May is the month of Asparagus!  I eat the stuff almost every day (often twice a day!)   Sadly, those days are coming to an end.  Farmers stop picking in June.  I want to eat the delicious green vegetable later in the year (and stay local), so I’ll pickle the asparagus.


Local farmer, Jennifer Gleason stopped by to give me a crash course in pickling.


Aren’t they beautiful?

If you need pickled asparagus, visit Jennifer’s farm, Sunflower Sundries, where she sells her incredible pickled asparagus.


I joined artist, Betsy Adams for an afternoon of Asparagus painting.  We meet every first Wednesday of the month.  We are thinking of using a different local fruit/vegetable as the model each month.


She worked in pastel.


I worked in monotype. (sorry folks, this one instantly found a home)

If you are in the Northern Kentucky area, and need a piece for your collection, don’t forget…

Augusta’s Art In The Garden is this Saturday from 10-5pm.  I’ll have work on display at Riverside drive with some new, never before seen originals.

6 thoughts on “The Age Of Asparagus Comes To An End

  1. ken, i love the monotype of the asparagus! it is my favorite kind of art – you know that! and the idea for a different fruit/vegetable each month, brings me in, the subject in art that i always fall to. hope i can make some of the sessions, but it very difficult to leave the real thing in the garden and go draw or paint it, but i will try. the photos are lovely, especially the one of the 5 jars on the table. i hope some (if not all) the asparagus art will be in next years’ asparagus festival. now, the art is ready for next year! yeah!! p.s. ilove the pico d’galio (sic) you gave me, we ate it all in 2 days. jen

  2. Thanks Jennifer!

    I think artists have an ability to make people see things in a different light. I love the idea of using art to remind folks of the great benefits of local fresh food. You are what you eat.

    My vision for the still life group is to continue painting local fruits/vegetables, and possibly have an art show at the end of the season to celebrate our local produce!!!

    Hopefully you can join us sometime and help out with vegetable models.

  3. oh, another idea…we could use the artwork to illustrate a cookbook/calendar using recipes that use regional foods during the times of year they are in season.

    May would have recipes that use peas/eggs/asparagus
    June has recipes using strawberries/broccoli

  4. Love the pictures! Now I know why your pickled asparagus was so pretty.

  5. Love it and I am jealous of who ever possesses it!

  6. December.. Brussels Sprouts
    January.. Turnips
    March… Kale
    Thought those months might be difficult but I actually had those veggies fresh in my garden during the winter months!

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