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Spring is here…I’m a Busy Bee

Next Friday (May 2nd 6pm-10pm), I am the featured artist at the FUSION gallery in Belleview. I have been working hard to paint and frame some new paintings for the exhibit. The Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon is the same weekend, and my sister and her husband are coming to run the marathon with me…so I am also training for the marathon!

Yesterday, I visited Artcroft. I fired a kiln load of pots at the barn, and while waiting, painted the road that leads to the farm. What a beautiful day!artcroftTrail

Today while stretching canvas, I ran out of staples for my staple gun, and thought it would be interesting to use tacks. I imagine my favorite 19-20th century painters using tacks to stretch canvas, so I bought tacks at the hardware store. It is a lot more work than the convenient staple gun. But I think the tacks give the canvas a unique look. Too bad it will be hidden by the frame when finished!stretchingCanvas

Now I need to get some paint on these new canvases!