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Spring garden

I’m really happy with my spring garden so far!


Sweet peas, lettuce, spinach


Garlic and onions






Asparagus (will be ready to eat 2013)


My neighbor Holly stops by every day to help!


You know, tap water is bad for plants, so we are harvesting our rainwater.


Here’s our water storage system…anyone know where I can get a cheap 50 gallon plastic barrel?


I didn’t get a chance to photo the 64 tomato plants. They are puny right now.

This blog post was written and transmitted with my cell phone (while in the garden!)

2 thoughts on “Spring garden

  1. Lots of love invested in that garden. I thinks it’s really cool!

  2. hey ken! your garden looks better and has more growing in it than any other i’ve seen this spring! you must be out in the garden every minute that it’s not raining to have that much planted and growing. way to go! you’ll be eating well all year and feeling good in in both body and soul for all the time spent outside in the garden. we still haven’t planted our acre of hickory king corn, too wet to get in with the tractor. but the gooseberries are fattening up nicely and the rhubarb and asparagus need to be picked often, they love the rain. we’ve pickled asparagus twice already, and are getting ready for the May’s Lick Asparagus Festival.

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