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Snow Days

snowScene copy

I would be mad about having to put everything on hold for the last week, if it weren’t so beautiful. 

maysville snowice 010 copy

If you haven’t heard, Kentuckyland was hit by some serious winter weather.


We were covered in snow and ice.

maysville snowice 003 copy

I did some walking around town, and took some pictures of Maysville.
maysville snowice 046 copy

Even braved crossing the icy bridge to get a shot of the city.

Untitled_Panorama3 copy

After the main roads were clear,

032 copy

I took the 4×4 out to rescue a friend who was stranded deep in the woods without electricity.


It was difficult driving the roads without anywhere to pull over.  This area is always beautiful, but this week, it was freaking gorgeous!  

002 copy

I’m usually not a photo guy, but it was too cold to go out with the paints, so I tried to work on my camera skills.

 007 copy

Below is one of my favorite roads at the beginning of the storm


I have a handful of new paintings that I finished while cooped up in the studio.  See them here


Hope Everyone else is staying warm and enjoying this beautiful weather!