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Sketching In Eliott County, KY

After spending a day at home, I decided to continue my outdoor-traveling-artist training, and head toward the mountains.  My goal was West Virginia, but I stopped in Eliott county to visit a good friend.


Eliott County is interesting because it is the home of many of Kentucky’s famous folk artists.  It is not unusual to see a painted barn by Jo Ann Butts when driving around. 


While driving around the county, I realized why so many artists live in this area…it is beautiful.  I did not have time to do a full painting, but I made a few sketches with my ipad while traveling.


I really liked this barn on the curve of the road on HWY 7.


I tried to capture the feeling of the house by the creek in this sketch…I think I will add a few elements to the drawing…maybe a dog, maybe a deer…maybe both! IMG_7912

Running water always inspires me.  This is the little Sandy river.  You can follow a nature trail that exposes some beautiful cliffs. 

These sketches don’t scratch the surface of how fun you can have in Eliott county.  I highly recommend seeing it for yourself!

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