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Show Day 1 at Montauk

yesterday’s painting of Montauk lighthouse

After helping Samuel setup the artshow for the morning, the the folks from the Hampton’s Television Station came to do an interview with him about his work. It was amazing to watch the interview. Samuel was cool as a cucumber while being interviewed about his work.


I followed West Lake Drive to Montauk Harbor, and spent a few hours painting. Everyone was taking their boats out for a fun-filled memorial day weekend. Around noon, the sky got dark and the temperature dropped, so I wrapped up the painting and returned to the apartment.


After checking on Samuel, and having lunch, I went to the sand dune beside the apartment and painted a beautiful painting of the ocean, a sailboat, and the dunes.


After painting, I did a little bit of jogging into the sunset, until my knee injury started to hurt (it’s still sore from the marathon)