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I first heard about Savannah because it has one of the best art schools on the east coast.IMG_0431
An interesting thing about the school is that it is one of the rare places where you can get a degree in Architecture Historical Preservation.IMG_0437
The school has been a big part of preserving a large part of Savannah’s Historical district.

Savannah is one of the few urban areas in the south with a lots of buildings from the pre-civil war era.
most of the cities in the south were destroyed by the North.
With it’s many blocks of old buildings, a visit to Savannah is like a trip back in time.

The neighborhoods are built around ‘squares’ with parks in the middle.


Sorry for so sharing so many pictures, but these are just a tiny fraction of the beautiful parts of Savannah.

You can imagine how hard it has been for me, as an artist, to choose where I wanted to make art, and how I wanted to capture the feeling of the city

I ended up deciding to make a broad sketch of the city and include as much as possible.

Savannah sits on the river and is a big port town.
There are lots of big boats along the river

And old factories converted into shops and restaurants

So while i was sitting by the river, I sketched this view of the town, it’s city hall, boats, bridge and warehouse with my ipad.
I feel like it captured the essence of the town, and will make a great composition for block prints and paintings.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Sarah liked the info you included about the art college.

    1. it would be a fantastic place to send her if she wants to study art!

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