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Saucers -16 July 2020

I have been working on a series of cups with saucers.

Porcelain cups with saucers

The saucer is a new form for me, but I LOVE it! it’s relatively flat, so i can approach surface design similar to the way I would a painting or 2d art. It’s not so big, like a plate, where I run into technical problems, like warping, cracking (hopefully!)

carving the design into a saucer

one thing that attracts me to functional pottery, is that it is art made to be used; to be picked up, to serve food, it’s a kind of art that can become a part of people’s daily rituals.

Saucer designs in my sketchbook – finished saucers, ready to dry and go to the kiln

I imagine the joy these saucers will bring other people, when they lift their cup, and see the surprise looking up at them from the saucer. THAT IS WHY I MAKE POTS!

Stay tuned to see how they turn out!

4 thoughts on “Saucers -16 July 2020

  1. Good to see your happy new work!

    1. Thanks Mike!
      Making them has brightened my day. I finished the surface design for 2 more saucers. What do you think?!
      porcelain saucers before firing

  2. This is fantastic. I can see the joy you imagine while making them. It really does come across in all of these pieces.

    1. thank you! i really love and enjoy saucers. im working on a butter dish right now. when i finish it, im going to do another set of saucers.

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