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Running around like an artist

The other day, I went to the big city to deliver a painting, pick up framing supplies, and leave some new art at the FUSION gallery. I got most of my chores done, but left a large part of my framing supplies at the warehouse.

Van Full Of Art

If you want to see what’s in the box, pay a visit to the kind folks at the FUSION gallery in Bellevue, KY.

The next day, Joni Powers, the artist, visited my studio. She has been busy working on an Art Therapy project for children in California for the last year. She bought one of my best paintings many months ago, but I was lucky to keep in my studio until she finished her project.

Joni Powers

It’s a little sad to see my painting leave the studio, but it was nice to see Joni…and the painting has a GREAT home!


Then I ran up the hill to the ORVAG building, where I met 3 of my favorite potters. (Dana Sorrell, Toby Fried, Pam Wiseman left to right) We are busy making pots to put in a wood fire at Maple Creek Artisan center. The firing takes 30+ hours of stoking the kiln. I’m making a small sculpture and few bowls. My real reason for participating is to get the first peek at the other potter’s work when it comes out of the kiln.

I recieved a copy of the Boone County Recorder’s article about the Tousey House Tavern, a new restaurant in Burlington, KY. The popular 1800s restaurant was founded by friends Butch and Mary Ann Wainscott. The article featured photos of artwork by Mary Ann, a mural by Debbie Clare and Ken Swinson. I don’t have permission to scan the article, so you will have to visit the Tousey House to see the artwork, beautiful building, and excellent food.

BTW…whenever “TAKE A STARVING ARTIST OUT TO DINNER DAY ” comes around. That’s where I want to go.


I also just finished a painting that was started about a month ago.  I’m really in love with this one!