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running a week behind – opening at doodles


sorry folks, It’s been a busy week, and I haven’t been so good at keeping my posts up to date.  I am a little better at posting on facebook, so if you are on that network, here’s the link to my profile…add me as a friend!

I’ll get caught up, but a lot has happened, so get ready for a handful of posts in the couple of days.

OK, here’s what happened last week…


Last week was the 6”x6” and 12”x12” show opening at doodles gallery in Flemingsburg.  Brenda Flynn, artist and gallerist, was a great hostess to a fun group of local artists, including…


Betsy Baltzer, with her beautiful cats in interference acrylic (the 2 cats in the red chair are my cats, Fido and Rover)


Mike Wagner, with his country style oil paintings


Stephen Hayes and his film photography (darkroom…not photoshop)


Jennifer Beckett and her musical acrylic paintings (newly moved to the area from Tennessee)


Keith Jones’ whimsical, mini-mouse sculptures.