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Romeare Bearden at the Taft Museum


The other day, i went with a friend to the Taft museum in Cincinnati. The small museum is one of my favorites because

  1. It has some great artwork
  2. The collection is presented in a home setting. It’s a different experience to see a painting hanging in a living room type with furniture vs. a sterile museum

I went to the museum for the Romeare Bearden exhibit (on display until April 29). I was not familiar with his work until the exhibit, but Bearden was one of the most influential African American artists of his time. The exhibit includes 75 printmaking works, including collage, etchings, collagraphs, lithographs, screen prints and monotypes. Don’t miss this chance to see his work.

While there, I had a chance to make this little sketch using my ipad. I love the idea of having a sketchbook with infinite paper and colors at my fingertips!