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Red Roof Barns near Flemingsburg, KY

The fields in Kentucky are covered with a beautiful yellow flower. My goal for today was to paint one of those fields.

While looking for fields, i came across this farm (it does have some yellow field) and decided to paint it instead. I was interested in the way the light was illuminating the red roofs of the barn, and the white of the building

once I got the thumbnail sketch worked out, it was time to paint!

i was so excited about the painting, i forgot to take a photo of the monochromatic underlayer. So here is a photo of the painting as I started to add color.

since i am painting on a regular basis, I have more opportunities to experiment and explore color. I decided to try to paint this scene without using any green.

the colors aren’t true to life, but the subject and light are. My hope is that the painting captures the ‘feeling’ of the place

Red roof barn- oil on wood panel by Ken Swinson 4 1/2×6″

I’m really pleased with how this painting turned out..AND I learned some new things about color!