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procreate pocket-new drawing app for iphone

The makers of Procreate,my favorite drawing app for the iPad, just released a drawing app for the iPhone. It’s called Procreate Pocket, and it is a pocket sized version of the original.

drawing with procreate pocket

This little app has enough features to be useful without taking up too much of the phone’s precious screen space. Just playing around, i sketched 2 dogs.

gif animation of drawing 2 dogs with procreate pocket
The tools were easy to learn, since I am already used to the iPad version of their app.

iphone drawing of 2 dogs

I expect to do a lot of sketching with this little app. I don’t always carry an iPad with me, but I ALWAYS have my phone.

If you aren’t familiar with Procreate, here are a few links to some of the artwork I made with their iPad app.

ipad drawing of chickens beside a kumquat tree ipad painting of the Johnson Creek Covered Bridge ipad drawing of farm with a pond