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Printmaking with the Phi Theta Kappa


Friday evening, I had an opportunity to demonstrate block printing to the Phi Theta Kappa at their regional conference at Thomas Moore College.


The theme of the conference was “The democratization of information through arts and communication”.  Traditional printmaking has played a major role in the democratization of information, starting with the Guttenberg press 400 years ago.

photoByJonna Atkinson-Bigelow

I carved a print based on the symbols of the Phi Theta Kappa.  The head of Athena, laurel and oak leaves.  I was very nervous before the presentation, but the group really seemed to like it!  I even had the opportunity to sell the prints fresh out of the press.


My demo was followed by Frank Appiah, a native of Ghana, who shared a performance of the Adowa dance. 


I had a chance to talk with Frank after the performance, and he used to teach at the  Maysville community college literally right across the street from my home in Old Washington.  What a small world!


Thank you Margo Hamm for inviting me, Charlotte McConaha for helping (and photos)  also Melanie Alvey, Jonna Atkinson-Bigelow and Savannah Smith for sharing their photos.

Thanks to all the Phi Theta Kappa for a great evening!