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Printing With Friends at the Log Cabin Print Shop

I dont have a plan for a particular print, but the studio is open to the public, you are welcome to stop by and see what i end up making…or come to make something yourself. Ill be here until at least 5pm.

ive decided what to do. I usually dont work from photos, but–at the airport, they have a display of wood models of different riverboats that were used on the ohio river. I took this photo to use as reference. Im going to start some sketches…it would be a good subject for a woodcut or linocut!

heres my thumbnail sketch. I shortened the boats length, which is probably a big insult to anyone who really knows these boats, but i want it to fill the space without cutting a custom size block.

i stained my linoleum with a light coat of acrylic paint. It helps me see the design better while i carve.
to scale drawing of the boat. Ill trace this onto tracing paper, then (once the acrylic paint is dry) transfer the design onto my block
i have traced the design, and im ready to transfer…but im still waiting for the acrylic to dry. I forgot to eat this morning, so im going to run home and eat while the paint dries (theres nothing sadder than a starving artist, lol!)
back at the studio. Im trying to eat healthy, so i made spinach avocado egg and rice tacos. Hoping the paint will be dry by the time i finish lunch
artist friends Betsy Adams and Nicholas Denham stopped by; print party!!!
transferred and ready to cut
our blocks are carved and ready to go through the press

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