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Press Release

I have decided to schedule my public opening with a “Gallery Hop” style event happening at the same time as a big opening at the Maysville Museum Center. The event is on April 7th, from 6-9pm.

I had a very hard time writing a description of my work for the press release. Brooke Shaffner, Artcroft’s current writer-in-residence offered to write my press release for me, and WOW!!!

Here it is…

Ken Swinson Black And White


Ken Swinson’s Studio

As part of the event, Ken Swinson’s brand new art studio at 120 W. Front Street will be open to the public. Ken recently spent 30 days at the Artcroft Creative Residency Center, which offers unfettered time and studio space for creative immersion to emerging artists and writers. Inspired by Artcroft’s picturesque pastoral setting and the daily wonderment of farm life (including assisting in the delivery of three baby goats), Ken created a series of vibrant oil and oil-pastel paintings portraying the Artcroft farm and its environs. Rendered in a whimsical, folk art fashion, these paintings joyfully depict rolling ridgelines, full moons rising, crow-filled trees, hay bales, snow-covered fields, baby chicks, and families of goats. This is Ken’s only show this season, so don’t miss the magic! 10% of all sales from his series will be donated to the Artcroft Foundation.

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