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Pottery Woodcuts

pots One of my first loves in art is pottery.  When I moved to Augusta, KY 9 years ago, I opened a small pottery studio on main street.  I loved the entire process of making something using earth, water and fire.  I dug clay from the banks of the Ohio River, and experimented with pit firing.

I don’t get to make much pottery anymore.  My focus is on 2D work, but I still love the craft.   I am replacing the dishes in my kitchen with hand made pots.   I’m trying to collect Kentucky potters, but a few great ones from Ohio, Tennessee (and beyond) have found their way into my cupboard. 

I created this woodcut to promote my friend, Ann Legris’ pottery studio for her Open House (tomorrow). She is recognized by collectors as one of Kentucky’s most important potters, and was a major influence in my decision to explore traditional printmaking techniques.

My goal with the woodblock was to get 6 different prints from one block using the reduction technique.  My designs do not accurately reproduce Ann’s elegant wheel thrown pots, but I feel they represent the joyful energy  that comes from looking at a wheel thrown pot.

If you would like to see Ann’s wonderful pots,  There are a LOT of great activities this weekend, so

Her studio will be open through December
call Ann at 606.584.2679