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plein air wednesday

I met Sue Gorman for another ‘Plein air wednesday’ at Aberdeen, OH’s river park.

The view of Maysville is impressive from the park.  I was feeling ambitious, and thought I’d try and tackle a 20″x30″ canvas.  I figured I would just use a bigger brush, and it would be the same as a sensible 11×14 or 16×20 canvas.

My arm got much more of a workout, but I wasn’t able to finish the painting…I stayed an extra 3 hours longer than our usual painting session.  However, the great size of the painting gives a great impression of a magnificant view!  I am finishing the painting in studio.

Sue left before I could photo her painting, but she did an excellent painting of the bridge in turquoise and oranges.  If she sends me a photo, I’ll post it…it’s very nice.

Then, after a swim at the YMCA, a storm rolled in, and I had to stop and take a picture of the dark sky contrasting with the autumn colors.


Sue sent me a copy of her beautiful painting for everyone to enjoy…thanks sue!