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Plein Air In Augusta, KY

Sunday, I decided to drive down to Augusta and paint a house or something. The weather is perfect, and participating in “fresh Art” reminded me how much I enjoy plein air painting.

I planned to paint one of the historic homes that face the ohio river, but was surprised to see a giant sternwheeler docked at the river. I asked the captain how long the boat was going to stay, and when he said “a little over an hour”, I quickly setup my paint, and threw paint on the canvas.

With such a short time to work, I didn’t have much time to fuss over composition or details. I just painted in a rage…I knew my time to paint was limited, and I wanted to do as good as I could while the opportunity was there.

The finished product is not bad for a little over an hours work, but a valuable lesson was learned. Life is kindof like that…We all have limited time here on earth, and should try and have enthusiasm for our work and do as good as we can while the opportunity is here.