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Plein Air At Fox Field Farm

I heard that the peach trees at Fox Field Farm are in full bloom, so I packed up my sketch pad, camera and oil pastels.
The trees were beautiful, but the sky was gray, and it was very cool outside. I endured the cold long enough to take some photos, make some sketches and start an oil pastel painting.
painting At Fox Field Farm
Eventually my hands were too cold to hold the pastels, so I packed my gear…with plans to finish the details of the painting at the studio.

Bob and Anna Dale Pyles grow the best peaches in the area. If I didn’t see the trees for myself, I would swear they import the peaches from Georgia (yes, they are that good!)
Be sure to find them at the farmer’s market during Peach season (August)

I haven’t had a chance to finish the painting…once I returned to the studio, I looked in my office and remembered that taxes are due tomorrow!!! So I spent the rest of the day filling out forms.