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Painting in Frankfort, KY

After living in Kentucky for 12 years, I just now visited our state’s capitol for the first time.  My friend + mosaic artist, Becky Ebert showed me around, and I have been charmed.  It’s a small town on the Kentucky river, surrounded by hills and cliffs and the capitol building sits across the river facing the historic section of town.

FrankfortKY 002.MTS.Still001
One of my goals for this trip is to learn how to create great art while on the road.  The view from Daniel Boone’s gravesite is a big view of Frankfort.  You can see the bend in the river, the capitol building, and the historic section of town.  I wanted to capture the essence of overlooking the view on a full sheet (30”x22”) of paper.  If you have been following my work, that is way outside my comfort zone.  A 16”x20” is large for me!

Instead of bore you with photograph of a view that is breathtaking, but impossible to photograph, I thought I would share the step by step process of the painting. 

I started with a loose brown pastel drawing

Filled in the details – still using brown

Started to bring in some color with acrylic paint

Added more color with acrylic and pastel

add details with colored pencil

Tone colors with brown acrylic

I will estimate the painting is about 50% finished, but you get the basic idea of the composition, and colors. I will try to finish it while on the road. 

While leaving the cemetery, I ran across the grave site of Paul Sawyier, and it reminded me that I am not the first artist to enjoy this area.  Paul was famous for his watercolor paintings in Frankfort and along the Kentucky river. After today, I have a deeper understanding of how much he loved Frankfort.