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Ohio Print Group Gathering 2012

Ohio’s 4 print groups (Tiger Lily Press, Phoenix Rising, Dayton Printmaking Cooperative, and Zygote Press) met in Columbus, Ohio for two days of printmaking activities.  A different city/co-op hosts the event each year.  (you can see a video from last year here:

Here are some of my photos from the event:

We started at the OSU Libraries Tech Center for Book Arts and Logan Elm Press
They have a great studio
where you will find everything needed to make a book from scratch using ‘old school’ technology

Book Arts Specialist,Bob Tauber, gave a photo plate demonstration IMG_7610
Antique Macintosh powerPc – still works!

Developing the negative

The negative

Cutting the photo plate – notice negative on top of plate

exposed to light – parts of the plate exposed to light become hard
soft parts of the plate brushed away in water with this machine

Finished plate used in letterpress

the finished print!

The second activity was an up close and personal peek at the Columbus Museum of Art’s Print collectionIMG_7643
My favorite was this lithograph by Grant Wood.

Followed by a artist talk/demonstration by Kathy McGhee at the host printmaking co-op, Phoenix Rising.IMG_7659
Then two exhibits at the Urban Arts Space in Downtown ColumbusIMG_7652
The first show was ‘Time and Place:  An International Exhibition of Works on Paper’  It’s a collection of works created between Columbus and it’s sister city Dresden, Germany’s artist residency exchange.

The second show was “Peripheral vision”:  Ohio printmakers from each submitted a print featuring a horizon.  All the horizons were lined up in a beautiful exhibit. IMG_7655
As you can imagine, I was overwhelmed by all the creativity and amazing artists in one place.  I decided not to stay for the second day…I wanted to hurry back to my studio and start making art! 

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