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New Plein Air Easel…a match made in heaven!!!

I have a great new easel by Artwork Essentials. It is lightweight, compact, and I can mount it on my bicycle. I like to paint with oils, but lugging all the necessary equipment can be a hassle.

I didn’t get out of the studio until late in the afternoon, so I rode my bike across the bridge to Aberdeen. The small village has a great view of Maysville, KY.

I only had a few hours before sunset, so I worked quickly, and came up with a reasonably good painting of the bridge and the downtown. I will have to put a few finishing touches on the painting when I get home.

I love working outside. On my way home, while crossing the bridge, I watched the sunset on the Ohio. A picture does not give it justice, but you can get the idea!
sun Setting On The Ohio