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New Oil Pastel Paintings

My DSL quit working the other day, and after the initial withdrawls, I have discovered a newfound creativity that is stimulating enough to consider shutting down my DSL permanantly.  I can get along fine with public wireless at designated times…I may even be more productive this way.

In the meantime, here are a few recent oil pastel paintings.  More to come…at least while the internet is broke!

While waiting for the ferry to take me across the Ohio river, I made a small sketch of the way the river bends. After riding my bike…in my studio, I painted the scene with Oil Pastels. Some of the pigments are metallic, so you don’t really get the golden shimmery effect of the original.


A couple of oil pastels created while in the hilly Mt. Adams neighborhood in Cincinnati:




hope everyone is having great holidays!


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