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New Colors – Gamblin Etching Inks

New Ink: from Portland, OR

After a busy week of studio work and traveling to see family, I was greeted by 4 new cans of printmaking ink. It was delivered to my doorstep.For the next week, you can find me busy carving, mixing ink and printmaking like a madman. 

Testing the colors

I’m still carving: haven’t had a chance to print these new colors yet. I did get to test them on paper–to see how they look. My favorite blue is pthalo, so I’m hopeful I can learn to work with ultramarine.

Here’s a preview of what I’m carving today. It’s the courthouse and church at Versailles, KY. The street in front of the courthouse is US ROUTE 62: one of the old highways from the 1930’s. It happens to also go right by my house and studio in Old Washington!

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