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Never A Dull Moment In The Company Of Artists

Yesterday, I woke early to pick up one of Artcroft’s new residents, Akirash, at the train station. Akirash is visiting from Ghana, and is a brilliant artist. This was not planned, but my friend Susan, an artist involved in missionary work in Ghana had also planned to pay me a visit at the same time. My housemates Mike and Debbie are also artists, and with 5 artists in the same house having breakfast together…there was a lot of energy in the room! Akirash’s work is much deeper than art for art’s sake. His work offers beautiful ideas about politics, world affairs, education, etc. After looking at Akirash’s portfolio, we headed south towards Artcroft.

The Woodland Art Show was this same weekend, so we thought it would be a fun activity for everyone. We called Artcroft, and invited their other resident, Rebecca Meredith to come along. The weather was perfect, and there were great artists…I wish there was more 2D work, my favorites were were Shannon Godby and W. Michael Meyer both from the southern Ohio/Cinci area.

There were some great bluegrass bands at the show. I took a little time and did some quick sketches of the musicians. I listened/drew the bands Bluegrass Collective and Roanoke. For some reason, I remembered my sketchbook, but did not have a pencil, so I was forced to draw with a pen.

Rebecca Merideth
After the show, we returned to Artcroft. Robert Barker arrived from the airport with another resident, Sabine Heinlein a writer from Brooklyn. Every time I visit, it is a different/awesome experience. Rebecca let us take a look at her studio, where she is working on a new series of work. We had an outstanding dinner made primarily from the vegetables grown at the farm. I am not good with words, but at the dinner table packed with creative people…there was an incredible energy.
It’s amazing the work Robert and Maureen are doing at Artcroft. Since I saw them last in April, they have done major work on the pottery/gallery/woodworking barn, layed a parking lot, and built a 2 story house for residents! …and I thought I had accomplished a lot by cleaning off the desk in my studio!!!!!!
Susan at Artcroft
They are also moving/building log cabins and starting a fine art printing press! I was invited back to give the new press a spin…I will certainly take them up on the offer