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The Mural at Olive Hill, Kentucky

We are just one week away from Art Zine – Olive Hill. Our theme for the February is ‘LOVE’.
I wanted to share something I discovered and LOVE about Olive Hill.

This 150 foot long mural is in the heart of Olive Hill. It’s on the main road, in front of the Old High School-now home to the Carter County Public Library and Center for Arts & Education. The mural was designed by Larry Carroll. As part of the Workforce Investment Act, through the Federal Department of Labor, the local youth were HIRED to paint the mural between 2002-2006.  Over time the mural has faded, but members of the community recently raised money and volunteers to restore the mural in front of the Art Center/Library.
I LOVE public art-especially when the community come together to take care of it–and when youth get paid real-life work experience working in art.

The Library is on the 3rd floor of this building, and you can get a better look at the mural when you visit Olive Hill for our monthly Art Zine activity, (more details about that here) but here’s a close up photo of the mural for those who can’t make it this time.

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