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Monotypes at the Bluegrass Art Center

Yesterday, I met some artist friends at the Bluegrass Art Center, where we made monotype prints
The art is made by covering a piece of plexiglass with ink, then wiping the ink off.

A press is used to transfer the ink from the plate…

and on to the paper

Unlike other printmaking techniques, you can only get one print…so they are originals like a drawing or painting

We also got to experiment with my camera. This photo is a combination of 4 photos. Each of us represent a different stage of the printing process for Judith Foster’s print. She is on the right working on the plate. Mike Cowden is on the left, with the wet paper, Sue Gorman in in the center left putting the print through the press, and i am in the center right, holding the finished print.


I also took this portrait of Concord, KY’s Sue Gorman with her monotypes.

Thank You, Bluegrass Art Center for providing a comfortable place for artists to meet and share their creativity.

If you live in the Cincinnati Metro area and wish you had a chance to try this fun and creative printmaking technique, you are in luck: My sold out Monotype workshop at the Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center just had 2 openings.
It is this Saturday from 1-4pm and costs $50:
You can sign up here:






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