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Monotype Madness!!!

I had a meet up with my friends to play with the press.  I only gave  4 days notice, and expected 5-6 people to show up.  We had a full house…i don’t know how many people came, but everyone had a lot of fun…especially me! 


During the meet up, I got to put a few antique etchings through the press.  The ink is permanent.  These are my hands after much scrubbing with acetone and soap and water!  I am eager to try etching…it’s a beautiful process.


These are my latest monotypes…loosely based on friends of mine.  I am interested in making pictures with people.  Instead of using models, I’m going to use my friends whenever I get a chance.



I posted more photos of the monotype meet up on facebook.  You can see them by following this link:

You don’t have to be on facebook to see the pictures, but if you are…add me as a friend (if you haven’t already!)

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