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Monotype for the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center


The Kentucky Gateway Museum Center has been a good supporter of the arts in our area, so I wanted to donate something really special for their annual fundraising auction.

I’m bringing my beloved press to the auction where I’ll print a monotype just seconds before it is auctioned…still wet. 

Today, I went downtown to sketch the museum and get an idea for the monotype. 

I spent the rest of the day working on the monotype.  It’s almost finished, and looks incredible!  It was a challenge working in ‘reverse’ on the plate, but I have a feeling the final piece is going to be amazing. 

028The monotype process is unique, because ink is REMOVED to create the image. (instead of added)  You can see a short movie example of how to create a monotype by clicking here.

I’m nervous, because I don’t like groups of people, and there is a possibility the monotype will not come out as expected. 

Please come to the auction tomorrow, March 5th, to see it created (and possibly win my latest/greatest work of art)…and most important, support the museum.  It’s a great cause.

Here’s the Museum Center’s website for more details:


Auctioneer extraordinaire, Mike Thomas, did a great job of setting the stage to explain what was happening.  The print came out better than I expected.  See for yourself:


I didn’t stay to watch the bidding on my print (it makes me uncomfortable) but it quickly went over $100 before the print even went through the press.  After breathing fresh air for a few minutes, I learned that the print sold for close to $500 to Claudia Moose. 

The print could not have a better home.  Claudia and her husband Jim have been great patrons of the arts and museum in Maysville…we are lucky to have them.