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Maysville from sutton hill

Ive been busy today, doing non art chores and getting ready for an upcoming trip, but i wanted to make at least one painting today, so i am at one of my favorite views of maysville. The view from sutton hill. Its cloudy, a grey day, so im going to have a lot of fun with the red roof and the whites of the buildings

I orgot to being my brushes!!! Good thing i am an art supply hoarder, and found a few brushes in my car. One a little too small, the other a little too big, this will be a fun challenge! Heres the values/composition
There were some challenges today (wrong brushes, grey day) but i enjoyed working out the problems, and i feel like i capturwd the moment. I really enjoyed all the color mixing. I might bring oit the details of the bridge a little more when i get back in the studio

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