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Mayslick Plein Air/Bike Trip

I had a busy morning at the studio, but after having a late lunch, decided to go for a bike ride to Mayslick…home of the Asparagus Festival (this Saturday!)

outdoor Studio_fits On Bicycle

After a nice ride, I arrived at Mayslick, where I did some sketching before deciding to paint a winding road with rolling hills and black barns in the distance. It has suddenly become very green out here in Kentuckyland. I have always thought green to be a difficult color to work with, so a green field with green trees was a fun challenge.

mayslick Plein Air

I think the painting was a success. I am very happy with the result. Unfortunately, the shine of the oil makes for a not so hot photograph. You should come to the asparagus festival and see the painting in person!

Mayslick Road