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Make A Zine Meet Up – Olive Hill, KY – Love

Feb 22, 2018 was our 6th monthly Art Zine in Olive Hill, KY. Our theme was – LOVE. Here are the pages. Click any of the images to see the whole album (including all our hand painted covers).
You can download a printable PDF of the zine here:!AtHTtTOFjtUTowMHKIj8Gvf-9S_r

thanks everyone for participating! Our next ArtZine will be March 26 at the Public Library in Brooksville, KY.

Misty Skaggs


Melissa Barker


Ken Swinson


Deanna Dunaway


Doug and Peggy Noe


Chaney Jackson


Dorri Wallace

Nellie Middleton


Kay Schafer


Bonita Skaggs-Parsons


Jeremy D. Wells


Karen Agee





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